Are you a fan of Supernatural? Are you a member of the crazy but wonderful Supernatural Family?

Then this is going to be for you.

I will be selling them as just the silhouette at first. You can choose from Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley, Bobby Singer, or Castiel. 
Once you place your order, i will ask you to send me 8-10 of your favorite quotes of the character you choose. Once i get them i will add them to the silhouette and make it personal for you.

The canvases size is 11x14

They each will have their own background color.

Dean - Green
Sam - Yellow
Cas - Blue
Crowley - Red
Bobby - Brown

Once i get a picture of the silhouettes of Crowley & Bobby, i will post so you have an idea.

I also have a picture posted with quotes already added to the silhouette so you will have an idea of how it will look.

Thank you. :)

Just go to Kangacanvases.etsy.com  to check it out. :)